Tobacco Smoking: Pros And Cons

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The effects of smoking tobacco vary due to personal preferences and the indirect social evils they cause. It is a known fact that nicotine is an extremely addictive substance, its effects on cognition are not as strong as the ones of cocaine, cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, etc. As tobacco is a legal substance, there is no black market with higher dangers and unaffordable prices for most of the customers.

Though the majority of tobacco smokers are aware about the risks of smoking, they can’t make efforts and quit the bad habit. Everyone has own causes for smoking.  There are certain advantage of smoking as the smokers see them:

  • Many smokers are convinced that they feel a very physically powerful bonding with other smokers.
  • Smokers take pleasure in a sense of satisfaction by smoking.
  • Smoking cigarettes give smokers the sentiment of producing a ritual.
  • Nicotine provides a feeling of enjoyment to the smokers.
  • Watching the smoke whirl and the cigarette burn is an amusing for most of the smokers.

But the cons of smoking cigarette are so many, as given below:

  • Cigarette smoke foliage an after smell on everything: your clothes, car and home.
  • You may not be capable to take breaths appropriately.
  • You may have an irritating cough all day and night.
  • You may undergo from harsh headaches, and infrequent migraines.
  • You may experience dizzy after smoking cigarettes too quick or after having too many of them.
  • You may have yellow skin, tooth and fingernails.
  • You may have lot of phlegm, which may force you to apparent your voice incessantly and May even, make you lose your voice mid sentence.
  • You may experience from increased speed of hypertension.
  • You may have a feeling of insufficiency and material dependence.
  • You may undergo from nausea after too much of smoking.
  • You may suffer nervousness and no recreation throughout the day.
  • You may experience imperfect incentive and energy to do anything.
  • The sense of smell and taste may reduce.
  • You may by chance burn holes in you clothes or your upholstery.
  • You are wasting your hard earned money and debasement your physical condition as well.
  • You may also undergo from lingering colds and bronchitis.

Certainly, the cons outnumber the pros and provide you reason sufficient to give up this bad habit.


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